ICYMI: New Review Finds Telehealth Effective At Managing Many Chronic Illnesses

Jan 6, 2022

“Telemedicine as Good as In-Person for Many Health Conditions”

Washington, D.C – According to a recent review by Dr. Jordan Albritton, a public health analyst with RTI International, and other researchers at RTI International published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, telehealth is effective for treating many patients with chronic conditions. 

As reported by HealthDay News’ Dennis Thompson in a recent article, the review analyzed “20 clinical trials conducted between 2013 and 2021 that tested telemedicine’s ability to either replace or enhance the usual care a patient would receive through office visits. The trials found that video telemedicine generally provided care as good as in-person care, and sometimes was even better.”

As Albritton outlines in the HealthDay News article, “I do think the outlook for video teleconferencing, for telehealth in general, where the research needs to go is to find those areas where it really can be transformative in health care,” and that “the evidence shows that using video teleconferencing in health care results in outcomes that are just as good as and in some cases better than in-person care.”

This review comes as urgent action from Congress is needed to protect telehealth access nationwide. During the pandemic, telehealth restrictions were temporarily lifted via public health emergency (PHE) waivers. While telehealth has been proven to achieve better health outcomes, greater health equity, lower costs, improved quality of life, and increased patient and caregiver choice, virtual care access remains at risk. With the majority of voters (78 percent) in support of passage of legislation to permanently protect telehealth access, a solution from Congress is as important and urgent as ever. 

The full review can be found HERE and the full HealthDay News article can be found HERE