Telehealth Testimonials

Expanded access to telehealth has resulted in increased health care access, lower costs, better outcomes, and more choice for patients. Critical virtual care flexibilities extended during the pandemic are also enabling health care providers to innovate, address inequities in health care, and improve the health care system.

Read what patients and health care providers are saying about the critical value of telehealth and the urgent need for Congress to act to protect access to virtual care.

Telling Their Telehealth Story: Patients

Telehealth has been fundamental for my eating disorder recovery. From the start of the pandemic, I have been meeting with my dietician and therapist via telehealth, even attending virtual therapy groups with individuals with experiences like myself. Telehealth has provided me with the support I needed for my recovery during the pandemic and has been essential to treatment access ever since.

Illinois Resident, Female, 45

I started working with my therapist during the height of the pandemic and have yet to meet her in person. I have a great therapeutic relationship with her, but due to my busy schedule, it is so much easier for me to meet with her via Zoom rather than going into an office. She can hold me accountable in all the same ways for my recovery, and I have yet to run into an issue. In fact, in some ways it has been even better being online, as we use different online tools to stay connected during the week.

New Jersey Resident, Female, 24

My recovery journey started during COVID. The nearest dietitian that was certified in eating disorders lived 2 hours away from me. I lived in a smaller rural community in Oklahoma and there was no support for me within driving distance. My dietitian and I met every single session on zoom. We worked together weekly for four months and then every other week for 4 more months. If it were not having access to telehealth 8 would not be where I am today. I can say I’m healthier, happier and a better father and husband because of the virtual care I received.

Kansas Resident, Male, 32

I used telehealth between the period of fall 2020 to fall 2022. I have seen multiple specialists such as group therapy, nutritionists, psychologists, and intensive outpatient programs during the pandemic. Without this option, I am afraid I would not be here to tell the story. I suffer from two eating disorders, GAD, and depression, but telehealth has given me a way to not feel so alone and reach the help I need. Telehealth saves lives.

New York Resident, Female, 16

Telling Their Telehealth Story: Health Care Providers

As a mental health provider, teletherapy has allowed me to see young people with eating disorders who would have otherwise had to travel hundreds of miles for specialized mental health care or would not have been able to access the treatment they need at all. In some areas of Michigan, there are no specialized eating disorder providers. Telehealth in these cases is not merely a matter of convenience – it is a matter of necessity to be able to put people in touch with experts who can help them. Telehealth is vital for increasing access to care, particularly among communities (people of color, financially disadvantaged communities, and rural communities) that have traditionally been underserved.

Michigan Resident, Non-Binary, 30

Since transitioning to telehealth, our no-show and late cancels have decreased significantly. With telehealth, clients can decide to show up even if it is at the last minute when before if their anxiety caused them to respond with fight, flight, or freeze they would miss appointments. Again, numerous clients have shared with me that being at home during that first session eased their anxiety, they knew they could end the session with a push of a button, and it felt safer. Telehealth has not only reached clients that have limited resources in their community, but it is also reaching clients who are in our community but do not have the internal resources to manage symptoms at the onset of therapy. Telehealth provides a safe place to begin to build relationships, rapport, and skills.

Minnesota Resident, Female, 51

Telehealth has increased access to essential care! Telehealth has enabled my services to reach far more individuals, individuals in small corners of my home and neighboring states, who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to an eating disorder dietitian. It has allowed my busy clients to see me during the workday, requiring less time off work to receive services (typically a barrier to care). It’s allowed my physically disabled clients have easy access to “my office,” and for my patients who have experienced trauma, it’s allowed them to remain in the safety of their homes when initiating care and speaking with a provider. Patients simply get more good treatment because Telehealth is an option! I am a proud Telehealth provider and I hope this service continues indefinitely!

Missouri Resident, Female, 39

Being able to provide telehealth services over the past three years has been incredibly valuable to the clients I work with. This is evidenced by their ability to better implement therapeutic strategies in real time, in their home environments, or environments they are familiar with. Being surrounded by their belonging, in their space, has allowed for continued anxiety reduction. Many of my clients were able to progress faster and discharge sooner (upon completing treatment goals) than when they were coming in to my office. I have been able to work with clients who would not otherwise be able to receive treatment due to lack of transportation, funds, or distance from the office. Telehealth services must continue for under-served populations to continue to receive vital care.

Oklahoma Resident, Female, 39

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