ICYMI: New Survey Underscores Patients Get Quality Care Through Telehealth Prefer Virtual Care for Several Visit Types

Oct 3, 2023

For Minor, Routine, & Behavioral Health Needs, Patients Prefer Telehealth, KeyCare Study Shows

In case you missed it, a recent survey from virtual care company KeyCare found that patients prefer telehealth for several visit types. 

The survey found that:

  • 73 percent of patients preferred telehealth for medication refills and test results. 
  • 45 percent of patients preferred virtual care for “minor but urgent issues.”
  • 43 percent of patients preferred telehealth for behavioral health needs.

Patients reported utilizing telehealth for a variety of key health care services over the past year, including medication refills or routine care, urgent but minor issues, mental health care, chronic condition management, specialty care, and pre- and post-surgery visits. 

This survey underscores the findings of previous patient surveys that found high rates of telehealth satisfaction and preference. For example, a recent CVS Health survey found that seven-in-ten consumers say telehealth visits are better or comparable to in-person visits. Additional studies have found that telehealth also reduces the need for follow-up appointments compared to in-person care among a majority of specialties. 

Congress must act now to permanently safeguard telehealth access for patients.
Read the full study HERE and learn more about how Congress can act to permanently protect telehealth access HERE.


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