ICYMI: Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Reiterates Biden Administration’s Call for Permanent Telehealth Protections

Jun 30, 2022

Director Rahul Gupta Emphasized the Importance of Virtual Care for Addiction Treatment and Health Care

Washington, D.C – In case you missed in it, on Monday, June 27th the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform conducted a hearing with White House Director on Drug Policy Rahul Gupta who testified on overdoses in the United States.

During Dr. Gupta’s testimony, he recognized telehealth as an essential tool to address health disparities saying, “there are now telehealth provisions that allow providers to treat addiction across the country especially in rural areas, in certain communities, and behind the walls. Telehealth, including phone consultation, is a crucial aspect of expanding treatment. We know that less than one out of 10 people today are getting the treatment they need.”

Highlighting challenges to health care accessibility for many communities and reiterating the administration’s call for permanent protections for virtual care, Dr. Gupta stated, “it is extremely important for President Biden, for this administration to ensure that telehealth services are available and are made available beyond the public health emergency… These telehealth efforts allow more efforts to be provided to more people.”

Access to telehealth services is essential for addressing health disparities and creating a more equitable and accessible health care system. The time is now for Congress to capitalize on the bipartisan momentum and pass permanent telehealth protections.

View the full hearing HERE.

Learn more about how Congress can act to permanently protect telehealth access HERE.


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