ICYMI: “Telehealth Provides Important Access for Beneficiaries That Qualify Through Disability”

Feb 22, 2023

PAVC Finds that Medicare Beneficiaries Who Qualify Through Disability Utilize Virtual Care at an Increased Rate Compared to Traditional Beneficiaries

In case you missed it, the latest #TelehealthTuesday from the Partnership to Advance Virtual Care (PAVC) finds that telehealth provides crucial access to care for Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for the program through disability. The study reports that, despite making up just one in five Medicare beneficiaries, patients who qualified for the program through disability account for 27 percent of Medicare beneficiaries who utilized virtual care in 2021. 

In this week’s graphic, PAVC also showcases that disabled Medicare beneficiaries accounted for 54 percent of behavioral health care use across the entire Medicare population in 2021. This study highlights the reliance that Medicare beneficiaries, including many with disabilities, have on virtual care services and emphasizes the need for Congress to act and permanently safeguard telehealth access.

See this week’s visualization below and get the latest from PAVC’s #TelehealthTuesday HERE.

Chart illustration about how telehealth provides important access for those with disabilities.

Learn more about how Congress can act to permanently protect telehealth access HERE.


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