Reflecting on a Year of Proven Value and Bipartisan Support for Telehealth: Part I

Dec 26, 2023

A Look Back at Key Themes in Virtual Care and Growing Momentum for Action Ahead of Countdown to Potential Telehealth Cliff in 2024

Without action from Congress, critical flexibilities that support access to telehealth for millions of patients are set to expire on December 31, 2024.

As we wind down the final days of 2023 and approach the one-year mark until a potential telehealth cliff, we can reflect on a year filled with new, and overwhelming evidence of telehealth’s critical value for patients and the future of the U.S. health care system — and growing bipartisan support for safeguarding access to critical care.

Check out our recap of key topics on the value of telehealth, starting with the importance of permanent policy, the positive impact on cardiac care, and the role of virtual care in improving health outcomes for veterans:


“By acknowledging the need for telehealth protections, lawmakers have awarded millions another two years to obtain safe, accessible health care without immediate fear of a telehealth cliff. This significant, bipartisan step forward helps to ensure health access for millions who rely on telehealth. However, there is more work to be done in order to ensure lasting virtual care access for millions. Increased access to telehealth is a result of pandemic-era flexibilities, but now, these flexibilities are only extended until the end of 2024.” Read our full blog post from January HERE


“Virtual care grew rapidly as a result of the pandemic and is continuously utilized as a crucial tool to fight cardiovascular diseases because of its convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Telehealth makes monitoring heart conditions, a constant aspect of many cardiovascular treatments, convenient and cost-effective for patients and providers…The use of telehealth in patients’ cardiovascular care has increased care for underserved groups and helped with the affordability of treatment…To protect this effective cardiovascular care tool, Congress must enact permanent telehealth protections once and for all.” Read our full blog post from February HERE


“Telehealth is a vital tool used regularly by our nation’s veterans, allowing them to receive safe, easy, and cost-effective treatment for essential care needs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) called telehealth “mission-critical to the future direction of VA care to Veterans…Expanded access to telehealth through the VA and Tri-Care has helped dramatically improve access to care and health outcomes for veterans — providing an important demonstration of how expanded access to telehealth provides critical value for patients. Veterans and their families who don’t receive health care through the VA — and all patients in every community — should also be able to access the full promise of virtual care and have peace of mind they won’t face a telehealth cliff.” Read our full blog post from March HERE

View a live countdown on our website HERE to see how many days until protections expire and learn more about how Congress can act to permanently protect telehealth access HERE.


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