TAFA Applauds Secretary Becerra, Biden Administration’s Commitment To Protecting Telehealth Access

Mar 22, 2022

In Response to Administration’s Support for Virtual Care, TAFA Reiterates Call for Congressional Action

Washington, D.C – Telehealth Access for America issued the following statement in response to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra’s March 18 remarks in support of telehealth access.  

“We thank Secretary Becerra and the Biden administration for their commitment to ‘work as aggressively as [they] can to get as much authority as possible so that the providers of telehealth have an opportunity to save lives’ and to ‘[give] providers and doctors more authority on what they can and cannot dispense both virtually and post visit,’” said TAFA spokesperson Julia Mirich.

“We agree that providers should have the ability to ensure the best care possible for their patients. And while we applaud Secretary Becerra’s remarks and welcome HHS action to protect patient access to telehealth, the millions of individuals who rely on telehealth are in need of congressional action to advance permanent reforms to safeguard access to virtual care once and for all. Congress must act so that patients can stop living their lives in short-term increments, but rather knowing they will be able to access telehealth when they need it most,” concluded Mirich.


Telehealth Access for America (TAFA) is a public education campaign supported by leaders in health care committed to better care, expanded patient choice, and protecting access to critical telehealth services.

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