TAFA Welcomes Temporary Telehealth Protections in Proposed Funding Bill, Urges Long-Term Action to Safeguard Access to Virtual Care

Mar 9, 2022

Lawmakers Must Advance Permanent Reforms to Protect Advancements in Virtual Care and Provide Patients Peace of Mind

Washington, D.C – Telehealth Access for America (TAFA) issued the following statement in response to a deal in Congress to include short-term telehealth protections in the proposed March 11-deadline funding bill. 

“We commend leaders in Congress for their continued commitment to protecting telehealth access for patients. The inclusion of temporary telehealth protections in the proposed government funding package provides relief to millions of patients who have come to rely on telehealth services to access their providers during the pandemic,” said TAFA spokesperson Julia Mirich.

“While these provisions are crucial, they remain temporary. With permanent access to critical telehealth services still hanging in the balance for millions of patients, we reiterate our call for Congress to urgently enact permanent, long-term provisions to ensure patient access to high quality virtual care, support better health outcomes, decrease costs, and improve patient choice,” continued Mirich. “Now is the time to safeguard telehealth access long-term and avert the telehealth cliff.”


Telehealth Access for America (TAFA) is a public education campaign supported by leaders in health care committed to better care, expanded patient choice, and protecting access to critical telehealth services.

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